Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Reader's Theater Script: WHERE ARE MY MITTENS??

Where Are My Mittens? is a ready-to-go, Reader's Theater script, written with a lighthearted touch and a winter or winter holidays theme.

Two characters, a brother and sister, get ready to go outside and play in the snow. But wait.... do they know where their mittens are?

Color words, simple contractions, to and too, demonstrative pronouns and adjectives, possessive adjectives, place prepositions, they're and there, winter clothing, winter weather, where and wear, "ea" dipthong, simple compound words, and sequencing are all practiced, with a few new vocabulary words introduced.

This script can easily be used as a performance piece (get students to "dress up" in their own winter clothing, or in funny, large clothes, etc.), with different "teams" performing. You can use it in your reading centers, or refine it for a Holiday Performance selection - parents will love it too!

Reading Level: 2nd-3rd grades.