Sunday, February 9, 2014

Olympic Winter Games Colorful Mitten Word Walls
Celebrate the Olympic Winter Games 2014 with these colorful word wall or vocabulary cards!

Need some activities? Try these:

Mix up your word wall activities with the blank templates and the sports names for older students: have them write down the USA team athlete names, and then match them up (game style, or on a bulletin board display) to the correct sport.

For older students as well, you can shuffle the cards, hand out three cards apiece, and have students write an Olympic Games paragraph, incorporating those terms, of course!

Use the cards also on bulletin boards, as title markers. Bring in stats for winners, news clippings, etc. and post them under each mitten title/header.

Finally, hold a spelling bee with the cards. Shuffle your deck. Line up your students. Give them the name of the term on the card you pull, which the student then has to spell (and/or define). You can split your students into "country teams" for this one, and see who gets the gold, silver, and bronze!