Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just in Time! A Middle School Christmas-Themed Literacy Packet

Are you feeling a wee bit frazzled, with the holidays fast approaching? The good news is: THE HOLIDAYS ARE FAST APPROACHING!! Of course, the bad news is, probably everyone is feeling a little antsy, and it's hard to maintain attention with all the Christmas distractions. Nevertheless, you have to keep the learning happening up to the bell, right? So here's a little something to help you out: A 37-page writing and literacy Christmas-themed packet of exercises for grades 6 through 9 (and maybe even 5 though 10, depending on the abilities/levels of your students).

Here's what's included:

-  Applying better word descriptions with a Christmas tree
-  Christmas terms alphabetical order (& answer key)
-  Christmas Hyperbole & worksheet
-  Christmas "whodunit" writing assignment (& worksheets)
-  Mystery genre elements printable
-  Challenging Christmas Word Scramble
-  Christmas Carol Ordering & Capitalization of Titles
-  Holiday Alliterations worksheet
-  Holly Leaf missing letters (& answer key)
-  Literary holiday dioramas teaching ideas
-  Mixed-up Christmas Syllables (& answer key)
-  Night Before Christmas Spelling Challenge (& answer keys & worksheet)
-  Possessive Christmas Nouns (& answer key)
-  Rewriting Scrooge 
-  Revisiting the Twelve Days of Christmas (& worksheet)
-  Spelling with the Christmas Elves (& answer key)
-  and, just to throw in a little holiday treat, find 5 pages of Holiday Stationery selections for your Christmas writing projects. One is included below, which you can download as a sample at the link below (or above :)

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