Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Silly Turkey Counting by Two Task, Flash, or Math Center Printable Cards

I always liked having my students work in pairs to count by twos. They could alternate, time each other, prompt each other, hold up cards, and help each other study. And I liked giving them a special certificate when they reached mastery at different levels (20, 50, 100, etc., depending on their grade level).

I made some silly turkey-themed cards just for this purpose. You can print them out onto card stock (or even laminate them) for durability, or especially if you want to include them as task cards in your classroom math centers. Any which way you use them, you can get some extra math practice in with your elementary students this Thanksgiving season!

I've included some game cards: go back, move ahead, free pass, in case you want to play group games with them as well!

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