Tuesday, November 19, 2013



Thanksgiving Language Arts (Literacy) Mini Pack:

This little packet is great for last-minute Thanksgiving-themed literacy activities, for grades 4 through 9. Fourteen pages in this mini-pack include:

- Thanksgiving using Hyperbole
- Corny Words - words containing "corn"
- Thanksgiving: Being Grateful Acrostic
- Thanksgiving Tales: A Creative Writing Worksheet
- Thanksgiving Word Play
- Writing Adjectives with a Descriptive Thanksgiving Menu
- Thanksgiving Reading and Spelling Challenge
- Answer Key for teachers
- and 6 printable Thanksgiving Stationery choices

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Free Thanksgiving Stationery (Primary Lines)

Do you find that your kids are more enthusiastic about their writing projects when they have some special paper to write with? I find that it works if you use it sparingly - and only give it out for the final copy, after drafts have been approved. Of course, it doesn't hurt to show them the paper they will get for their final copies!

What are you writing about this Thanksgiving? There's always the old standby, what kids are grateful for (and it's an important exercise!). They might get a kick out of writing about what they're NOT grateful for! (That should get a few giggles, especially if you start - dramatically, of course! - with what YOU are not grateful for? Can't you just hear them running home and telling Mom: Mrs. Barron said today that she's not grateful for mice! She really doesn't like them! She even told us she went and stared at them at a pet store to try to like them more, but she just shuddered and ended up being more scared of them! - Yup, I'll hear about that one at a parent-teacher conference :)

You can write a class letter to your community leaders, stating what you are grateful for. Even better, have kids write a letter to a family member, saying what they might have taken for granted, but should indeed be grateful for; now there's a thoughtful exercise!

How about writing about the wackiest Thanksgiving dinner they can imagine? Or the very worst Thanksgiving dinner ever, that perhaps was all burnt to a crisp, or all came from frozen boxes? It doesn't have to be real; they can use their imaginations, I'm sure!

Whatever your Thanksgiving writing projects, I hope you will find these three printable stationery pages helpful, and may you all have a wonderful, warm Thanksgiving!

Download your free printable Thanksgiving stationery here:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Silly Turkey Counting by Two Task, Flash, or Math Center Printable Cards

I always liked having my students work in pairs to count by twos. They could alternate, time each other, prompt each other, hold up cards, and help each other study. And I liked giving them a special certificate when they reached mastery at different levels (20, 50, 100, etc., depending on their grade level).

I made some silly turkey-themed cards just for this purpose. You can print them out onto card stock (or even laminate them) for durability, or especially if you want to include them as task cards in your classroom math centers. Any which way you use them, you can get some extra math practice in with your elementary students this Thanksgiving season!

I've included some game cards: go back, move ahead, free pass, in case you want to play group games with them as well!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanksgiving D'Nealian Manuscript Writing Worksheet

Here's a little freebie for your K-2 classes for Thanksgiving. The printable worksheet shows a directional (arrow) example of D'Nealian manuscript for the words "Thanksgiving" and "turkey," followed by dotted line writing practice - all graced with a silly little turkey image. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

THANKSGIVING TURKEY SHAPE BOOK with Lined, Primary Lines, Blank, & Cover Pages


Download a free blank Turkey Shape Book page at the link above (under "Preview").

Use this printable shape book for Thanksgiving writing activities:
- what am I grateful for?
- letters to family members, for Thanksgiving
- Thanksgiving vocabulary
- short stories about turkeys! (or Thanksgiving themes)
- turkey day menus!
- turkey art - line the front and back covers with a thin line of
glue, sprinkle on glitter. Add craft feathers, cotton balls, etc.
- collect and identify fall leaves on the pages
- journal entries for November