Monday, August 19, 2013

First Graders Go Back to School with ALL ABOUT ME T-SHIRTS!

**For a limited time**   Only $1.20 for a 12-page

ALL ABOUT ME Printable & Reproducible Packet!
(Note: Images below have been deliberately blurred to prevent copyright infringement. See actual samples & pages for printable packet at link above.)
Your first grade students will love filling out and decorating these ALL ABOUT ME T-SHIRTS for Back to School! After they finish filling in the blanks, let them decorate with markers, paints, sequins, buttons, etc., and then cut them out. Hang them all on a classroom "clothesline" (string and mini clothespins), or allow them to draw a self-portrait to add heads and bodies to the t-shirts, posting on the bulletin board. Also included:
- All About Me T-shirts for Boys, in black & white &/or color
- All About Me T-shirts for Girls, in black & white &/or color
- IT'S ME! Back to School Writing Project for 1st grade
- JUST TWO THINGS! for Back to School, Writing Project &
- Getting to Know You - Cards for Ice Breakers, Color & B&W
- Print & Draw Stationery Printables, in B&W, Bordered, & Color
- Back to School 1st Grade Stationery (Primary Lines)

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