Monday, August 19, 2013

First Graders Go Back to School with ALL ABOUT ME T-SHIRTS!

**For a limited time**   Only $1.20 for a 12-page

ALL ABOUT ME Printable & Reproducible Packet!
(Note: Images below have been deliberately blurred to prevent copyright infringement. See actual samples & pages for printable packet at link above.)
Your first grade students will love filling out and decorating these ALL ABOUT ME T-SHIRTS for Back to School! After they finish filling in the blanks, let them decorate with markers, paints, sequins, buttons, etc., and then cut them out. Hang them all on a classroom "clothesline" (string and mini clothespins), or allow them to draw a self-portrait to add heads and bodies to the t-shirts, posting on the bulletin board. Also included:
- All About Me T-shirts for Boys, in black & white &/or color
- All About Me T-shirts for Girls, in black & white &/or color
- IT'S ME! Back to School Writing Project for 1st grade
- JUST TWO THINGS! for Back to School, Writing Project &
- Getting to Know You - Cards for Ice Breakers, Color & B&W
- Print & Draw Stationery Printables, in B&W, Bordered, & Color
- Back to School 1st Grade Stationery (Primary Lines)

Friday, August 9, 2013



24-Page Printable K-2 Back to School Activity Packet:

NOW ONLY:   $2.00!

Just in time for back to school, find this printable workbook for grades K-2.
With 12 pages in color, and 12 pages in black and white, choose your option for each B2S themed option. Pages include:
- Name and title page, with schoolhouse
- Class info, age, and self-portrait page
- School friends and picture
- What I like best about school is...
- All about recess!
- Birthdate, and birthday cake page
- Feelings & hopes on that important 1st day of school (with room for drawing!)
- Transportation to and from school
- All about me growing up!
- School night sleep times, and school morning waking times
- School lunch page (make your own menu!)
- My teacher, and what I'm looking forward to this year!
Each page has primary lines for writing, and lots of room for drawing to elaborate on the concepts and allow free expression and creativity. Enjoy this sweet little back to school workbook, both fun and informative!
Sample page below, along with a mini preview.