Sunday, May 19, 2013

High School Graduation Packet & End of School Year Printable Activities

With the school year (generally!) winding down, I have found that there's not usually an awful lot in the way of High School Graduation activities, printables, and resources. That's why I made this high school grad packet! It contains several "memory" type of activities, looking ahead to the future activities, sponge activities, end of year writing activities, top ten lists, autograph pages, and three pages of awards. An inspiring and printable grad letter from you, the teacher, is also included.

I have also included a Bonus Packet, with 11 pages of printable grad posters -- all with original photos and relevant messages for your wonderful high school grads. Print them out and place new ones around the classroom each day until your students graduate, and help inspire them for the many opportunities ahead of them!

Table of Contents:

Page 1: Senior Memories Worksheet
Page 2: Grad Faves!
Page 3: Looking Ahead
Page 4: Ten Years from Now Letter
Page 5: Letter to My Teacher
Page 6: Summertime Bests!
Page 7: Autograph Page 1
Page 8: Autograph Page 2
Page 9: Top Ten Lists Page 1
Page 10: Top Ten Lists Page 2
Page 11: Top Ten Lists: Fill in the Blanks
Page 12: Under the Big Top: Your Future Life
Page 13: Desert Island Adventures Writing Pages
Page 14: What Would You Do? Critical Thinking Writing Page
Page 15: High School Sponge Activities
Page 16: High School Lists of Five
Page 17: Graduation Letter
Page 18: Editable Awards, General
Page 19: Graduate Awards
Page 20: Graduation Awards, Informal

Inspirational and printable Graduation Posters, with quotes, 11 posters included.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Kindergarten & Preschool Graduation Certificates!

Now available over at TPT: our wonderful Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation Certificate Packets. Try them out!

Primary Memory & End of School Year Activity Book!
NEW! Here's a printable Primary Memory Book with loads of fun activities for grades 1, 2, and 3 - forty-nine pages in all, including supplemental pages for "easier" exercises (less writing for your youngest students). Get a preview over at TPT, and grab this book for a wonderful end-of-the-school-year resource!